Building the best hybrid cloud solution for your needs.

Public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions provide businesses with an alternate way to consume IT resources and applications.When done correctly, migrating to the cloud, whether to AWS, Azure, IBM or other platforms, should help create more efficient, agile and cost-effective business application systems and processes.

However, given the complexity of environments and mission critical workloads, moving data and infrastructure to a new environment can be challenging. Present helps you develop a successful cloud strategy to optimize application and service delivery.

The first step is a careful analysis of your current infrastructure and discovery of your technical requirements and your unique business needs. After an impact analysis on business processes and current technology, the next step is the design of a solid cloud infrastructure. And finally, the next key ingredient in a successful cloud transformation is detailed migration planning to ensure a smooth transition that will meet your performance, availability and security requirements.

At Present, we have technical expertise and experience with many cloud solutions such as AWS, Azure and IBM, and therefore we can provide an agnostic view of the best cloud solution to meet your unique business needs.


How we can contribute to your cloud journey success: 

1. Cloud assessment: evaluation of your cloud readiness  and which cloud solution provider is the best fit. 
2. Alternative scenarios (on-site  and in the cloud) including technical, business and financial comparisons; 
3. Cutting edge cloud expertise in architecture, planning, deployment, migration, cost management and cloud  managed services. 

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