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Microsoft 365 and Cloud Solutions

Teams too busy with daily tasks.

Key projects are falling behind.

There are security or system failure risks.

Support delays impact productivity and frustrate users.

Does this sound familiar?

Free yourself from what’s slowing you down

and tackle your key projects with peace of mind!

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Managed Services

We free you from the time and worries of day-to-day IT management so you can focus on what’s going to make a difference to the business. We manage on-premises and cloud infrastructure and user support, partially or fully, independently or jointly with your IT team.

IT Security

Our SOC security service supports the day-to-day intensive task of protecting your business against cyber threats by providing 24/7 proactive threat detection and management. Our wide range of skills also includes penetration testing, authentication, immutable backup solutions and user awareness training.

IT Recruitment
Microsoft 365

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we implement Microsoft 365 solutions to increase your team’s productivity. From strategy to management, including the realization of your integration projects, Present offers the full range of services and expertise for a successful implementation.

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Cloud Services

We have developed strong expertise and experience to build the best cloud architecture. A successful cloud strategy will make your business applications, systems and processes more efficient, agile and secure at the best cost.

We aim to deliver a world-class experience, nothing less.

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At Present, we get you!

We are an SMB that understands your reality as an SMB to equip you to make your IT a key aspect of your success.

We’re big enough to use IT best practices, but small enough to provide you with a personalized approach.


It’s about being a real partner you can count on. A key contributor to the success of the projects, business and careers of those who choose to work with us.


What guides us is to be Organized, Efficient, Fast, Expert, Professional, Generous and Human, all in a World Class Service.


The difference and the great value of Present is the team! Passionate experts rowing in the same direction, focused on results and constantly improving.

Do you want to simplify your IT and improve its impact on your business?

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