Industrie: Pharmaceutical

Client: A young Quebec company serving the North American market


  • Email accounts within the company were compromised.
  • In fact, the attacker had access to the mailboxes for a few days prior to the fraud and during that time he was able to plan his attack by observing the structure of emails and the way in which requests to employees were formulated by the president of the company.
  • The hacker then used the president’s email inbox to send requests to transfer money worth millions of dollars to offshore accounts.
  • The company suffered a loss of several million dollars.


  • The company contacted us following the detection of this fraud where we proceeded with the cleaning of mailboxes and changes of passwords.
  • We also completed a security upgrade mandate with the installation of a MFA and MDR solution.


  • The company is protected against identity theft.
  • With a MFA, cybercriminals have a hard time cracking the password because the TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password) is sent via text message or phone call, adding an important additional layer of protection.
  • In addition, the MDR will detect other forms of attack that are most used by criminals.


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