At Present we are driven by your success

Our mission is to work with companies of various sizes in gaining leadership by providing innovative technological approaches and solutions that deliver real value.

Over our 30 years in business, we’ve adapted our offer to meet the challenging IT demands in business and as importantly, we work with IT individuals to deliver more, save time and reduce stress for a more balanced life.

With our centers of expertise, we provide agile IT solutions that respond to fast and evolving business demands and free up employees so they can work on projects that matter to the business.

Where were you in 1990?

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Why choose to work with Present?

Trusted Advisor:

We not only meet the needs of your current project, but our experts also work continuously to maximize your IT and your resources, in addition to advising you on the technological evolution of your business.



The certainty that you have the best IT solutions thanks to our experts who are trained and certified with experience on diverse client environments.



We work on fundamental IT challenges, such as meeting the needs of all business applications, deploying new applications faster, scaling applications to deliver better performance, lowering IT costs and freeing up resources to help companies focus on innovative products and services.


Peace of Mind:

Promises and expectations met, on time, within budget with all project components delivered.


Complete Support:

We take care of everything: technological watch, renewals and guarantees, promotions and links with manufacturers.


Unique Customer Experience:

Our business is customer focused and we are proud of it. We make every effort to deliver a world class customer experience, nothing less. We survey your satisfaction on each project and the overall result is a global satisfaction rating of 96.7%.

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