IT Security is not a problem to solve, it is a risk to manage.

Every business, regardless of size or industry is facing constant, more sophisticated cybersecurity threats. The consequences of a cyberattack can be terrible: shutdown of operations for several days or even weeks, encryption of your data, theft of personal data of your customers, suppliers and employees, to then be resold on the dark web, ransom payments, legal nightmare, reputational damage, etc… IT Security has become an unavoidable priority for all organizations, yet many companies do not have the means, resources or expertise to counter these threats.


Keeping your business safe is not easy but we keep it simple with these 3 steps:

  1. We identify the holes in your security
  2. We provide solutions to fix them
  3. We monitor your environment 24/7 to keep you ahead of evolving threats


We will be your security ally so you can concentrate on your business, with peace of mind.

Our security practice is based on tested and proven processes and on the Zero Trust security model, centered on the belief that businesses’ should not trust anything inside or outside their perimeter and must verify and grant access to everything trying to connect to its systems.   Our dedicated security experts ensure comprehensive around-the-clock protection. Because a cybercriminal does not work a 9-5 shift.


    • International class protection with the best tools that exists
    • Installed within 2 weeks so you are immediately protected
    • Immediate detection upon installation if there is already a threat present
    • No upfront costs, just a minimal cost per month per user
    • Dozens of businesses already saved this year from a threat

Our IT Security Services

Endpoint Detection & Response 

Fully monitored and managed by our SOC 24/7, endpoint protection provides an advanced behavior-based threat detection and defence solution for your organization’s endpoints (laptops, desktops, servers)

no matter where your endpoints are deployed (office, home, airport, cafe, hotel, etc.).


SIEM/ Log Management

Our SIEM solution monitors and analyzes all event and security logs, in real time, for the whole network to protect against advanced threats and to meet compliance requirements. Our SOC team triages and escalates threats to you.


Multi-factor authentication/ Email security 

MFA adds an extra layer of protection to ensure that even if your passwords are stolen, your data remains protected.  Deploy multi-factor authentication for systems connected to the Internet, such as email, remote desktop, and virtual private network (VPN).


Security Audits 

It is important to establish a benchmark in order to put an end to existing vulnerabilities. Our security assessments clarify the state of your environment by analyzing your network and user vulnerabilities, IT systems, password policies, backup strategy, and can include penetration tests. The end result is a detailed list of recommendations for corrective actions.


Dark Web Monitoring

Knowing in real-time what passwords and accounts have been posted on the Dark Web will allow you to be proactive in preventing a data breach. We scan the Dark Web and take action to protect your business from stolen credentials that have been posted for sale.


Security awareness training

Prevention should be part of any security strategy. Train your users and often!  Teach them about data security, email attacks, and your policies and procedures. We offer a web-based training solution, including real-world phishing simulations.


Additional security services

  • Security Strategy and advisory services (virtual CISO)
  • Incident Response
  • Forensics
  • Compliance readiness
  • Certified ethical hacking
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Penetration testing
  • Firewall managed services
  • Managed backup and disaster recovery
If only IT security was this simple…

Reach out to an IT security expert

Managed Security Benefits

Superior protection
Be able to detect, as well as put an end to, security breaches before damage is caused.

Reduce your risk
Stay ahead of emerging threats and ensure the availability of the necessary expertise for incident response and remediation.

Access to Security Experts
Gain access to a wide range of certified and experienced security experts in the areas of technology, security governance and forensic computing.

Focus on the Business
Reduce the requirements associated with maintaining a cybersecurity program, allowing your key personnel to focus on core business needs rather than the fear of a security breach.