Hyper-converged Systems

Take a big step forward.

Consolidating server, storage, and networking systems into a smaller, optimized, and more efficient infrastructure brings your company to the next level. Not only does it provide you an easily manageable system, it increases your security, your process automation and your ability to pool and share resources.

Present partners with Nutanix for solutions to elevate IT to focus on the applications and services that power business. The world’s most advanced enterprises rely on Nutanix technology and solutions to power their most demanding workloads at any scale.

Nutanix uniquely combines compute, storage and virtualization in a hyperconverged platform leveraging industry-leading servers from Nutanix, Dell, Lenovo, IBM, HP or Cisco. The Enterprise Cloud Platform supports all enterprise applications at any scale, including virtualized applications, bare- metal services and container-based applications.


  • One-click operations for ease of management
  • Pay as you grow for maximum value
  • Hypervisor and hardware agnostic to eliminate lock-in
  • Single pane of glass eliminates department silos
  • One of the strongest security systems in the industry


  • 5-year TCO savings of 58%
  • Payback period as low as 7 months
  • 85% faster deployment of storage
  • 71% less time managing a Nutanix environment
  • 98% fewer occurrences of unplanned downtime

Our solutions architect will optimize your data center with hyperconverged systems meant for your specific workload.

Our specialists have the right tools and experience to walk you through every step of the process, from assessment and design to onsite implementation of integrated systems. We make sure you are fully prepared for what lies ahead.

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Nutanix’s is more than a hyperconverged solution, it is a set of tools to simplify the way IT can service the business.
Whether it be Nutanix’s infrastructure, devops, security, storage & data, business continuity or cloud services products, Nutanix provides a single platform that unifies hybrid cloud management.

Simplify your cloud operations

Standardize your multi-cloud operations on a solitary, unified console allowing a single team to manage applications, data and security policies across all cloud environments.

Lower the cost of delivering IT services

Provide self-service IT by taking advantage of machine learning and one-click automation.  Drive greater IT efficiency by streamlining your datacenter and cloud operations.

Protect your data and applications

Ensure your applications and data are secure and always available with built-in disaster recovery, automated recovery and integrated security capabilities.

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