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When time is short, your team is overwhelmed or your projects are behind schedule, trust the recruiting experts at Present. The strong demand for qualified IT resources has considerably tightened the market and made it difficult for IT directors and Human Resources departments. Good candidates are hard to find, and companies compete in imagination to encourage retention.

Our mission is to find the talent that will allow you to advance your key projects, whether long term or for consulting services.

Permanent placements

Build a strong robust IT team for your current needs and future growth. We will find the IT candidate that best fits your goals, budgets and business values.

Consultant services

Our IT recruitment specialists will help you with your specific temporary needs, whether that be new projects, a surplus of work or filling the role of a long absence.

The best of both worlds

Present has specialized in the information technology industry for over 30 years. We have developed our IT recruitment center to better support you and bring your innovative projects to fruition.

  • Extensive network of contacts within the industry.
  • Close links with a large pool of candidates.
  • Ability to deliver excellent applications as quickly as possible.
  • 33 years of experience and a structured methodology to ensure success.
  • Innovative IT expertise unique in the world of recruitment.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee 

Test us out and find the talent you need!

We contribute to your success with our 4-step process:

1. Discuss your projects with our IT recruitment experts.

We work with you to understand your company, your projects and your needs in terms of candidates. This will allow our IT recruitment experts to offer you the best options on the market.

2. We find the ideal candidate in record time.

Let us search our vast network to find you to the most qualified candidate profiles in the industry.

3. A thorough and extensive evaluation process.

To ensure the best synergy with your company, we meet future candidates internally and then present the best fit ones to you afterwards.

4. Recruitment and resource management

Once the candidate is chosen, we manage all the details of the hiring process and candidate onboarding.

IT Recruitment Case Studies

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Selecting the right IT resource for your business

Selecting the right IT resource for your business