Industry: Retail

Client: innovative clothing and home decor company


  • The transactional website receives several tens of thousands of multi-item orders every day, during the four-day period of Black Friday.
  • The infrastructure in place was causing a bottleneck at this peak period, resulting in a slow down of processes at the warehouse, which had an unacceptable impact on operations and ultimately on delivery time to customers.
  • In addition, tape backups required the systems to be shut down for several hours, delaying the nightly processing associated with price updates.


  • After identifying the reasons for the bottleneck, Present proposed an infrastructure upgrade including two new IBM Power servers and one IBM Flashsystemstorage.


  • The new infrastructure now makes it possible to support peak periods and peaks in transactions without impacting operations and delivery times to customers.
  • The backup of data on disk is now executed in a much narrower window, which makes it possible to carry out the processing associated with the price changes for the following day in the required time.

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