Industry: Manufacturing

Client: Quebec company located in a remote region for more than 30 years.


  • Company located in a rural region which had the perception that their remote location and size meant they were not in danger.
  • After being referred to us by one of our clients, they called us on a Monday morning following an attack during the weekend. They no longer had access to anything, and all the workstations had a message indicating that they were cryptolocked and that they had to pay a ransom.
  • The company could not operate, and worse, their backup was also encrypted so tons of data was lost.
  • Unfortunately, their 40 employees could not work for 1 month and they lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. And consequently, their clients and reputation were greatly impacted.


  • We launched a forensic response to determine what happened and where the attack came from.
  • We reconfigured their physical servers in a Cloud infrastructure.
  • We closed unprotected remote access ports that were open.
  • We installed MFA and the MDR SentinelOne to protect their endpoints and servers.


  • No one can totally prevent ransomware attempts, but the customer has significantly reduced their risk of a successful attack with this highest endpoint security.
  • Peace of mind knowing that they have a team of security experts monitoring and detecting all known and unknown threats 24/7 and that their data is safe.

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