Industry: Services

A cybersecurity disaster narrowly averted

Situation :

  • A Present Managed Services client is attacked on the weekend (attacks are most often made outside business hours).
  • Although the client did not have the Managed Security services, the attack is taken care of by Present’s 24/7 monitoring service.


  • We detect abnormal activity on one of the systems and immediately isolate it and start an analysis.
  • We confirm the system was indeed attacked and we recover the software and data and restart the system.
  • The client has since adopted Present’s managed security services and they are now much better protected with the addition of AI protection tools.


  • The client was able to prevent hackers from entering their network and exfiltrating their data or demanding a ransom.
  • They also avoided the nightmare associated with an attack such as endless hours spent on recovery, exposure of the company in the media, lawyers, insurance, etc.
  • The client has dramatically reduced their risk of attack, as they now have the best protection tools in place.

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