Industry: Construction

The Real Case of a Cyberattack Halted


  • Due to the increase of employees working from home, employees are sometimes using their work computers for personal use. This puts companies at risk since their corporate data can more easily be assessed through VPN connections.
  • The company had been using Present’s MDR solution for a few months and the SOC team was alerted in the middle of the night of abnormal behaviour on the client’s terminal server. The agent spotted potential threats where a user had connected to the network and was trying to send commands to other remote server stations; while also asking to elevate his access rights.


  • The potential infected endpoint is traced, the 36 simultaneous attacks are immediately stopped, and the workstation is quarantined. With the attack confirmed, our SOC team continues to analyze and investigate to ensure that everything is back to normal and that there is no threat to the customer.
  • Once the environment is secure, our team calls the client to inform them of the situation. They hadn’t even realized they had been the victim of a cyberattack attempt.


  • No one can prevent ransomware attempts, but the client has greatly reduced their exposure to risk with this highest endpoint security.
  • Peace of mind knowing that they have a team of security experts monitoring and detecting all known and unknown threats 24/7 and that their data is safe.

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