IT infrastructure solutions

Recognized expertise, availability and communication: a winning combination

There is no shortage of challenges when it comes to IT infrastructure: Data growth, business continuity, security and data protection, agility, efficiency and costs.

The pressure is growing on IT, as winning solutions need to be even more rapidly identified and implemented in an increasingly tight budgetary context.

We accelerate the implementation of your key initiatives:

  1. Proposals and architectures of quality, tailored to your environment, well balanced, and economically justified;
  2. Cutting edge expertise of our team that complements the skills of yours;
  3. Efficient project management that minimizes risks, costs and delays,

We contribute to your success:

  1. A vision of the issues that goes beyond a purely technical analysis;
  2. Accountability of our resources and their commitment to your success are our trademark;
  3. World class customer service based on communication;

Present: The strategic and technical partner to assist you in your acquisition, optimisation and infrastructure implementation projects.

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Hyper-converged systems (HCI)Hyper-converged systems (HCI)

Consolidating server, storage, and networking systems into a smaller, optimized, and more efficient infrastructure brings your company to the next level.

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A migration to SAP HANA empowers you to accelerate business processes, deliver more business intelligence, run your business faster and simplify your IT environment.

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A virtualized environment not only simplify maintenance and management, it also boosts your efficiency.

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​High availability​High availability

Present’s team work closely with IT and business decision makers to better understand your short and long term business goals.

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​Disaster recovery

​Disaster Recovery allows you to get back in business quickly with minimal losses

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​​Power server​​Power server

We develop unique infrastructure system for your needs

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x86 servers

x86 servers are intelligent and versatile systems for mainstream workloads and applications.

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Solutions that are the key to your business' success. Dealing with storage issues on a daily basis prevents you from focusing on your business growth.

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Present provides custom networking solutions tailored for your organization's specific needs. We partner with the top networking manufacturers to provide the best solutions.

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​Data management​Data management

We provide the development and execution of architectures, policies, practices and procedures to manage the information full data lifecycle needs of your business in an effective manner.

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The need to safely transit information through various channels without compromising business performance is essential.

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Our focus is the monitoring and management of your critical operating systems full time.

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