Cloud computing services

Cloud computing services – Building the best hybrid cloud solution for your needs.

Public, private, and hybrid cloud services provide businesses with an alternate way to consume IT resources and applications. Migrating to the cloud, whether to AWS, Azure or other platforms, is a profound transformation for your business’s technology, and when done correctly, should help create more efficient, agile and cost-effective business application systems and processes.

However, any migration of your applications to the cloud must be carefully analyzed, before making any decisions, according to technical criteria, but also according to your unique business needs.

The next key ingredient in a successful cloud transformation is detailed planning. An impact analysis on business processes and current technology followed by a solid cloud architecture will ensure a smooth transition and meet your performance, availability and security requirements.

At Present, we have knowledge and experience with many cloud solutions, such as AWS and Azure, and do not have our own therefore we can provide an agnostic view of the best cloud solution to meet your unique business needs.

How we can contribute to your cloud journey success:ITIL certification

  1. Cloud assessment: evaluation of your cloud readiness and which cloud solution provider is the best fit.
  2. Alternative scenarios (on-site and in the cloud) including technical and business justifications;
  3. Cutting edge cloud expertise in architecture, planning, deployment, migration, cost management and cloud managed services.

Our cloud services include:

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Case Study : 

Is your enterprise prepared for its journey to the Cloud?

More and more organisations are migrating to the cloud in order to simplify their infrastructure and be more agile. You can remove the guesswork by proceeding with a cloud assessment. Use real data and an in-depth report to eliminate risks and costly errors, as well as speed up and optimize your cloud implementation.

An assessment provides guidance in order to:

  • Understand the current workload & requirements
  • Identify the required cloud components and how they will be used
  • Plan the initial and recurring costs
  • Plan the migration for a smooth transition

A cloud assessment will take your corporate goals and determine the best way forward, the changes involved and the impact on all areas of the business.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced risks
  • Rapid user adoption
  • Lower total cost of IT investments

Here’s an overview of our process

  • Review goals and expectations
  • Execute an infrastructure discovery
  • Review performance metrics
  • Design a secure & resilient cloud infrastructure
  • Estimate the cloud resources and costs
  • Prepare a high-level migration plan
  • Estimate the migration costs

The end result is a cloud assessment document which contains:

  1. Information on the current infrastructure
    • Servers, applications and their versions.
    • Internet access (Firewall, bandwidth & latency to the target datacenter)
  2. Target infrastructure design
  3. A high-level migration plan
  4. An estimate for the recurring costs and the migration costs
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AWS consulting and migration

Present guides clients with migrations, system design, automation, remote administration, and deployment of applications on AWS infrastructure.

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Microsoft Azure cloud services

Our certified resources plan, develop and deploy your workloads to the cloud with Microsoft Azure, in the following common scenarios: Infrastructure as a service, Backup as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service

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Office 365 Migration

Office 365 increases the efficiency of collaboration and the speed of communication, resulting in tangible benefits.

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