Peace of Mind dynamic monitoring between the source and targeted systems

Solutions for: data replication, high availability and continuity for multiple platforms, audit and monitoring of systems and databases to comply with regulations

Traders provides a high-availability (HA) and disaster-recovery software that is a  robust, cost-effective solution enabling companies to keep data safe while keeping IT costs down. a powerful, cost-effective set of applications for IBM i environments. The company’s core product, Quick-EDD/HA, helps ensure business continuity by replicating data in real time from a production server to a recovery server, helping guarantee 24-7 service access to data. Other products include Quick-CSi, a continuous auditing solution monitoring the IBM I server, Quick-SmartData, a software solution to capture large and/or small volumes of data from commonly used data sources in real-time and deliver into a variety of Analytics technologies in a scalable manner and Quick-Anonymizer, which offers you a range of anonymization techniques for irreversibly transforming personal data in order to prevent the original people from being identified.


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