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We protect you from threats to your business

Due to the proliferation and increasing sophistication of threats these days, the implementation of a comprehensive internal and external security strategy has become an unavoidable priority for all organizations, regardless of size and sector of activity.

At the same time, companies do not have the means and resources to support this arms race, in a context where IT must do more, faster, differently and at lower cost.

Concentrate on your business, with peace of mind

Do not let security breaches put your company at risk, and slow you down, use Present’s experts to mitigate the vulnerabilities of your environment.

  1. Our global and proactive approach to IT and data security
  2. We rely on proven processes
  3. We assist you in reducing your risk so you can focus on your business’ success

Our solutions

  • Ongoing monitoring and Managed Services
  • Ethical hacking
  • Perimeter security
  • Business continuity solutions
  • Management of access rights

Your benefits

  1. Preserve the value of your data and business
  2. Operate without system interruptions
  3. Use your resources for growth initiatives


Receive a free, no-obligation Cyber threat assessment

This security assessment includes external vulnerabilities, user behavior, permissions, connections, deeper internal vulnerabilities and much more. All in the form of a clear and accurate report with the best recommendations and industry advice that we will include during our presentation of the audit report.

  • Non-intrusive data recovery (no agents or installation)
  • Identification of critical issues
  • Recommendations to remedy flaws

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