IT Managed Security

Manage threats to your business with confidence

Every business faces constant security threats. Due to the proliferation and increasing sophistication of threats these days, the implementation of a comprehensive internal and external security strategy has become an unavoidable priority for all organizations, regardless of size and sector of activity.

At the same time, companies do not have the means and resources to counter these threats, in a context where IT must do more, faster, differently and at lower cost.

Concentrate on your business, with peace of mind

Do not let security breaches put your company at risk, or slow you down, use Present’s IT Managed Security services to mitigate the vulnerabilities of your environment.

We have a solid and comprehensive expertise in IT security. We rely on tested and proven processes and best practices. We provide our customers with the knowledge to reduce their attack surface, as well as the services to detect and stop security breaches before it’s too late.

Our offering

Professional services

  • Security Strategy and advisory services (virtual CISO)
  • Security assessments
  • Compliance readiness
  • Forensics
  • Social engineering and training
  • Certified ethical hacking
  • Vulnerability assessments
    • Penetration testing

Managed Security

  • SIEM/SOC managed services
  • Security end-point managed services
  • Firewall managed services


  1. Reduce your risk

Stay ahead of emerging threats and ensure the availability of the necessary expertise for incident response and remediation.

  1. Superior protection

Be able to detect, as well as put an end to, security breaches before damage is caused.

  1. Focus on the Business

Reduce the requirements associated with maintaining a cybersecurity program, allowing your key personnel to focus on core business needs rather than the fear of a security breach.

  1. Access to Security ExpertsGain access to a wide range of certified and experienced security experts in the areas of technology, security governance and forensic computing.

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