High Availability

Protect your processes from unplanned system downtime with real-time data replication to a standby server.

Present’s team work closely with IT and business decision makers to better understand your short and long term business goals. We provide the levels of resilience, recovery, business continuity and contingency that your business requires to remain profitable.

High-Availability includes all databse updates and all the object modifications. Present ensures peace of mind and accountability. We offer a comprehensive list of solutions for your HA needs partnering with all the prominent manufacturers such as : IBM, Datacore, Vision Solutions, Veeam and Traders.

The advantages

  • Reducing risk and impact of potential emergencies
  • Planing for possible outage

We provide

  • Identify and define your requirements
  • Architect and design the HA solution
  • Planned network considerations
  • Testing the process
  • Training your staff


Dell EMCIBMNutanixTradersVMWareDatacoreMicrosoft certified partner

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