Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery allows you to get back in business quickly with minimal losses

In today’s world, creating backups and implementing a disaster recovery procedure allows you to get back in business can quickly become a complex endeavour. Companies require the assurance that they have the ability to quickly recover control over their IT following a disaster. The volume of data keeps growing, and your contingency plan window keeps shrinking.

Present’s team is about execution; many companies call on us to help conceive and implement a disaster recovery solution. We will work with you on a solution adapted to your operational needs.

We incorporate processes and tools necessary to build a living disaster recovery plan. From the planning and design through implementation and management stages.

The advantages

  • Reduces business risk and impact of potential emergencies
  • Business continuity

We provide

  • Preparation for possible disaster
  • Customized Disaster Recovery plan
  • Tailored business continuity plan
  • Planned network considerations
  • Testing the process
  • Training your staff


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