Industry: Aerospace

Client: aerospace leader specialized in machining and assembling


  • The key resource of their IT team was leaving the company
  • Finding someone with the same skills and experience was proving difficult and expensive
  • The company was doing business with the military and needed to keep certain sensitive data in house, therefore migrating some applications to the public cloud was not an option.


  • Managed services: outsourcing their entire IT operations to Present


  • Cost savings : 27% savings in IT operations compared to an employee salary due to management tools that allow operating more efficiently and automating many functions.
  • The reporting capabilities facilitated the discussion with Finance and expedited the approval of a Server migration project, which led to better performing IT systems.
  • They can now rest assured, through the monitoring capabilities, that the systems and data are protected and secure.
  • Access to a wide-range of experts and skills without the associated cost

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