Case Study: Migration to Office 365

Industry: Services

Client: multinational in the security industry


  • The multinational recently acquired another company that also carried out operations on a global scale and their on-site Exchange servers were overloaded and had become slow and unstable.
  • There was a significant logistical challenge to any migration as the acquired company employed people from a dozen different locations around the world.
  • Need to migrate the data quickly, since the servers were unstable and also to perform the work outside of business hours to not hamper operations.


  • Together with the company’s in-house experts, Present developed the migration strategy to Office 365 and successfully migration 185 users within 1 months


  • A highly available email service never affected by internal resources;
  • A much faster processing time than its old servers;
  • An agile infrastructure that can grow easily with the business;
  • Strengthening of in-house expertise due to the knowledge sharing and transfer with Present
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