Present, a firm of highly certified IT experts, announced today it is now an authorized Apple value added partner.

“Present is extremely excited to be partnering with Apple, such an innovative company,” says Marc Beaulieu, president of Present. “The success of the ipad and iphone as an innovative tool as well as Mac users being deemed more productive has ignited interest in the enterprise market. Apple in the business is growing significantly and is becoming a key priority for our clients and we wanted to be able to guide them if they choose this path.”

Present, a long time IBM Premier business partner, offers IT solutions based on IBM hardware and software as well as Cloud Solutions. They have now added Apple integration to their expertise.

“If businesses are looking for a disruptive innovation to gain market share or to integrate Apple technology into their infrastructure for more productivity and lower TCO, we have that expertise. We are using Apple best practices and our experts can walk you through the complete planning, evaluation and implementation process or assist where needed”, concludes Marc.