Present, a Quebec leader in IT solutions and services, is celebrating 30 years of success.

“As IT was taking hold in businesses, demand exceeded supply, and vendors were arrogant with customers. Being born into a sales family and having learned the highest respect for customers, I felt very bad in this environment. With 3 years of IT experience in my pocket, I decided to start something that would fit my values “, underlines Marc Beaulieu, President and Founder of Present

It is with the conviction that customers deserve to be better served by the industry that Present was created in 1990. Over the years, Present has distinguished itself by allying itself with big players such as IBM, Nutanix, Microsoft, Lenovo and AWS. These partnerships have enabled Present to deliver innovative, state-of-the-art IT services. In 2019, Present also acquired Bang Industries, a company specializing in managed services and cloud solutions, which allowed it to solidify its offering to SMEs and especially to accentuate its leadership position in the industry.

Today, the success of the company is due in great part to its customers. Present to develop his clientele, having only one aspect in mind, it is the quality of his service which is based on values ​​of professionalism, generosity and efficiency. Hence his mission to be a true partner who can be counted on. Our world-class services have enabled us to achieve customer satisfaction rates bordering on perfection.


A solid offer thanks to 30 years of experience

Present offers 4 centers of expertise to meet the growing needs of its customers. With more than 100 cloud projects in place, over the years we have developed a strong expertise and experience in our cloud services.

One of our great strengths, and what we are known for, is our IT Infrastructure services. We have the best practices taking into account what is in place, present and future needs.

Adopting our managed services is giving yourself peace of mind. And that’s what we do for our clients, we allow them to focus on strategic projects that have real value for their businesses, while we fully or partially manage their IT.

In order to make a difference in the success of our clients’ projects, we offer IT Recruitment services that allows you to find key resources.

For the future, Present aspires to continue doing what it does best, supporting Canadian businesses by making IT an essential contributor to their businesses. We would like to sincerely thank our customers, partners and employees, without whom this would not have been possible. Thank you for helping us make the IT industry shine.

To remember the last 3 decades of technological transformation and of course to mark our 30th anniversary, we have created this funny video. Take a look at it to laugh and remind yourself of some great memories.  You can also visit our webpage dedicated to our anniversary.