It is often said that entrepreneurship is something that is in the blood. A statement that makes sense when you think of Marc Beaulieu, president and founder of Present.

At just 16 years old, Marc left school to start a business in printing. An entrepreneur at heart, certainly, but above all, a visionary, as he quickly realized that a new era was beginning.

“When computers began to popularise, I returned to school. I immediately felt that this would be the field of the future. In fact, I realised that already, IT was gradually replacing printing. ”

With an IT degree in hand, he quickly got a job in a company specialising in information technology. At that time even more than today, this new industry sector was booming and demand increasing. In this favorable business environment, IT vendors were taking their customers for granted.

Coming from a family of salespeople that respected, even revered their customers, Marc was exasperated by the condescending attitude of these companies.  Therefore, he aspired to start a company specialising in IT, which would have the mission to provide the best possible service to its clients. This value has fueled Present for 25 years. While many companies talk about customer service in their values, at Present, it’s more than that. Marc Beaulieu named the company Present to anchor in the name excellence in its service and a constant presence among its clients.

25 years of success explained

Even if there is no miracle recipe, his 25 years of experience as an IT entrepreneur has taught him some principles that he applies every day.


First, we must anticipate client needs. This requires a great deal of focus, but it is essential in business. To get there, we need to use our instincts, undertake continuously training, network, read, and never take anything for granted: “We are prepared, but … we shall never be finished getting prepared,” he said.


In a world where one innovation follows another, the great challenge is to continue progressing. Waves of technological change occur more and more quickly and we cannot afford to miss the boat.

“For this, we must really understand the client’s needs and transform the company continuously to be ready. If we want to take advantage and surf a wave , we must be prepared before it happens. ”

However, it is not because the waves come in quick succession that they are shorter. It all depends on the importance of the innovation and its primary and secondary impacts on businesses.

“Adoption time depends on the technology. Take mobility, for example: some companies are true leaders, while others still have not done anything, and yet, they are still in business”,  he says.

It is this adaptability that has contributed to evolving Present continuously and makes them a partner to accelerate change in Canadian companies.

The team

For Marc Beaulieu, “building a team with compatible values and affinities to create a great working environment contributes greatly to our success. We spend half our waking life at work. There is what you do in your work, but also with whom you do it with. That means a lot. It is common values that builds a stable team who stays and who performs. Ultimately, it creates a better enterprise because it is the team that makes the company. When one takes care of his team, the team takes care of the business. ”

Client satisfaction

For Present and its leader, client satisfaction is what drives the decisions and actions of everyone daily: “We often hear this, but for us it is vital. Satisfying our client is offering them a memorable experience, speed and transparent communication … It is planning ahead of their needs and treating them with respect and honesty.  We call that world class service! Let us not forget that without satisfied clients, there is simply no company. ”

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, Present wishes to reiterate its commitment to its clients. Present is already one of the most innovative IT companies in Quebec, but its leader aspires to be “a Canadian IT leader with a high added value to the business.” In the coming years, Marc Beaulieu and his team will continue their work to advance IT to propel their clients to the top. “Helping our customers become and remain leaders in their industry through IT, that is the Present promise “, concludes Marc Beaulieu.