The start of 2014 brought about the rebranding of Present’s offering. Traditionally recognized primarily as an infrastructure partner, Present formalised its offering into 4 clear areas where they assist clients in addressing their challenges and accelerating IT; Infrastructure, Cloud, Mobility and Recruitment.

Infrastructure: To accelerate the deployment of your key initiatives

Servers – Storage – Virtualization – Networking – High availability – Security – Cost Containment

Cloud computing: To get an accurate picture on the integration of the best cloud solutions

Modular or step by step projects – Consultation – Vendor impartiality

Mobility: To overcome your business and operational challenges differently

Simple and compatible applications – Speed to market – Integration with your existing systems – Self-financed solutions – MDM

Recruitment: To find the right resource at the right

Temporary and permanent recruitment – Fast service – Market surveillance

And recently, they have added a 5th area of expertise: Managed Services

Managed Services: To enable your resources to concentrate on the essentials

Real-time infrastructure visibility – preventive maintenance – call center assistance 24/7 – incident management – fixed price billing

With the transformation that companies are undergoing today in order to continue to satisfy customers, technology is playing a major role. However, it is evolving at such great speed, that it is adding to the burden of business leaders both from a financial and technical point of view.

In this context, the business gains associated with outsourcing some or all IT needs becomes significant; reduction of operating costs, increased service availability, improved employee productivity, using internal resources for higher value-added tasks, management based on best practices to limit costly emergency interventions and peace of mind and tranquility.

To learn more visit or download the Present ebook called The shift towards IT managed services – Why, how and is it right for you?