Entreprise mobility

Transform your business problems into opportunities

While operations seek to improve productivity and save costs, marketing attempts to differentiate the company and influence consumers. Meanwhile, human resources aims to improve their training and emulation strategies to retain their employees. Whatever your role in the company, mobility represents a new opportunity to reach your goals. Let our experts show you how simple applications can solve your biggest business challenges.

Our mobility specialists stand out for 5 reasons:

1. They simplify achieving your goals in a concrete manner

-Easy to implement ideas to improve the customer experience

Application development that supports omni-channel sales

-The creation of tools to foster customer loyalty

-Accessible strategies to get the most out of your data

2. Their expertise allows you to overcome your business challenges

-Concrete solutions to reduce logistic costs

-Quick implementation of a paperless operation

-Intelligent applications that increase your visibility in the supply chain

-Easy to implement solutions to facilitate remote training of your employees

3. They compete in speed and agility to turn your vision into reality

-Developed and implemented within a few weeks

-Unmatched flexibility in the design of both small and large projects

4. Their first concern is not technology

-An ROI calculated before project launch that is often achieved during the first year of implementation

-Affordable applications having lasting impacts on the business and not gadgets

5. They master the technical challenges of business applications

-The ability to take advantage of the intelligence of your data in the field

-An expertise in integrating with existing systems which can bridge the gap between your lines of business and avoid technological blunders

-Effective security management

Why collaborate with Present’s mobility experts?

  1. Apply innovative solutions to your business problems
  2. Integrate mobility through modular projects to reduce risk and speed up the recovery of your investment
  3. Simplify projects to facilitate the adoption of new internal practices
  4. Respect your timelines and budgets
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